Arrow keys to turn around. Touch the shooters to destroy them. Do not touch the dogs, I repeat, do not touch the dogs. That's it. Kukulkan wasn't implement because I misused my time. Oops.

Oh no! You, a snake, have been captured by the feathered serpent God, Kukulkan. Why might this superior Mayan deity want to do with you? You do not know, but you do know that you have to slither your way out of its ruins.

Like the classic snake game, you'll be constantly moving! Avoid those dirty Huay Chivos and their mighty bites, and the moving traps around the ruins (really, the only two enemies) in order to get to Kukulkan, and beat his mighty butt!

This is a game for the Github Game Off 2017. It might or might not (who knows!) have been finished in time. Sorry :)

Install instructions

Just extract the archive and open social.exe and you're good to go :)


Windows Build 2 MB

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